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Reading with Coffee

Reading Seeds Reading Rooms

A social group to build the reading habit.

​​책읽기 습관 만들기

Join this group to create a lifelong reading habit, and discuss great books members read.

​​영어책읽기 습관을 통해 영어실력을 키우세요.

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Any level can benefit from a set reading time and schedule to improve reading.

​​프로그램 안내

독서에 집중하는 데 도움이 필요하십니까?  다른 회원들과 함께 본인들이 원하는 책으로 책읽기에 참여하세요. 리딩룸은 읽기 습관과 능력을  향상시킵니다.

Need help to focus on your reading? Join a reading room with other members. This social format dramatically improves your 'deep' reading skills.


•    언제든지 참여가능. 원하는 책 읽기

•    책읽기 습관 만들기

•    깊이 읽기

•    책읽고 이야기 나누기

•    독서카드활용 질문나누기




Deep reading skills result in academic success, the ability to understand long reading passages and partner with the ability of critical thinking skills.


Knowledge, empathy, the ability to finish books that you start. Reading enriches your life. Use our online reading room as a comfortable and supporting place to read. Our members find that they read more, focus more and enjoy reading in our rooms.

Class Information

Reading Books Makes You Better

The Rooms

연구에 따르면 새로운 습관을 습득하는 데 약 66일이 소요됩니다(The One Thing, Keller).


일단 습관이 형성되면 성취감이 생기고 인생에서 새롭고 중요한 목표를 향해 나아가는 것이 쉽습니다.


리딩씨즈 프로그램을 사용하여 영어책읽기를 시작하십시오!

Simple & Effective Process

  • Read from any comfortable place and log in via Zoom.

  • Bring your own book.

  • See and meet like minded people from around the world

  • Enjoy quiet reading time, then enjoy a brief social session

  • Discuss your reading and learn about others' book choices.

Research shows it takes roughly 66 days acquire a new habit (The One Thing, Keller). Once a habit is established it is easy to continue the accomplishment and move on to new important goals in your life. Use the Reading Seeds Reading Room program to jumpstart your reading! 

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