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The Book Club
The Reading Club

Guided Reading & Discussion Group.


Monthly reading club that meets once a week.


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Two levels to choose from: The Book Club, & The Reading Club.​​

It takes roughly 66 days acquire a new habit (The One Thing, Keller). Once a habit is established it is easy to continue the accomplishment and move on to new important goals in your life. Join the Reading Seeds Book Club or Reading Club program to jumpstart your reading! 

Adults join this relaxed English book of the month club to gain confidence in their English reading and conversation abilities.


The Book Club uses leveled readers to focus on language practice and build confidence. The Reading Club uses novels and various popular books​​




Deep reading skills result in academic success, the ability to understand long reading passages and partner with the ability of critical thinking skills.


Knowledge, empathy, the ability to finish books that you start. Reading enriches your life. Use our online reading room as a comfortable and supporting place to read. Our members find that they read more, focus more and enjoy reading in our rooms.

Class Information

Reading Books Makes You Better

The Clubs

The Book Club


The Book Club is a great way to learn and use English, meet friends and gain confidence in a relaxed atmosphere. You read from great leveled readers from Oxford, and we provide the discussion and Q & A guide, then we meet and discuss in our friendly live lesson atmosphere via Zoom.

Simple & Effective Process

  • Read from any comfortable place and log in via Zoom.

  • Oxford leveled readers helps establish reading habits

  • Discussion guides with answers prepares you for conversation

  • Daily call in practice with mentors

  • We edit your writing assignments to help you improve!

The Reading Club

The Reading Club offers excellent choices of literature and popular books. Meaningful discussion topics and your active participation makes this group better than the rest. 

Simple & Effective Process

  • Read from any comfortable place and log in via Zoom.

  • Use our discussion guide to prepare

  • Daily call in practice with our mentors

  • Enjoy a brief social session, then we discuss chapters

  • Editing of your weekly writing is included

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Reading Levels

수업 레벨

Level 1 / 레벨 1

400 Word Vocabulary

Level 2 / 레벨 2

700 Word Vocabulary

Level 3 / 레벨 3

1000 Word Vocabulary

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